Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient

Cool and heat your Adelaide home efficiently and save on your energy bills with expert advice and solutions from the energy efficiency experts at ComfyFirst

1. Professionally Installed

You'll get more than just a quality installation when you get the professionals in to install your new air conditioner or heating system. You'll benefit from our experience and advice too. We'll ensure the system you're having installed is correctly rated to effectively and efficiently cool or heat the size of your home or space it's intended for.

Save On AC

Too small and it will work overtime, never really providing the comfort you want and costing you a lot more on your energy bills. We'll also be able to answer questions and talk you through the features and functions of your system and any upgrades.

2. Digital Programmable Thermostats

Without a digital programmable thermostat you're probably wasting a lot of money having your air conditioning or heating operating longer than needed. With a programmable thermostat, set the temperature you want and your system will turn off as soon as it reaches it.  It will then switch on and off intermittently to maintain that temperature.

TechYou'll also enjoy being able to programme your air conditioner and heating to provide comfortable temperatures for specific times such as on a hot summer day, set your air conditioning to begin cooling shortly before you're due to arrive home, so you'll have respite from the heat on arrival. Or in winter, set the heating to switch on shortly before you get up in the morning so you can jump straight out of bed in cosy comfort.

For the ultimate control, you could even set your systems to switch on and off remotely from anywhere in the country or world using your mobile phone or device using wi-fi or mobile data!

3. Maintenance Checks & Tune Ups

Save money by reducing the chance of breakdowns that could have been avoided with a periodic tune-up. You'll also save on your energy costs as unmaintained systems have to work harder and use more energy to provide the same temperature as a well maintained system. With a ComfyFirst tune-up and maintenance check, we inspect air flow is clear, clean filters and ensure all components are in working order and replace any parts if necessary. A maintenance check also provides the opportunity to avoid breakdowns as we're able to detect minor faults before they become a problem.

4. All Of Home Zoning

ComfyNot only does home zoning provide greater control over the comfort levels of everyone in your home, it provides you with an opportunity to lower energy use and save money on energy bills. Split your home into your preferred number of zones and each zone can then be independently controlled and set to the preferred temperature. Better still, you don't have to waste money cooling or heating zones that either don't need it (for example due to high or low sun exposure) or aren't being used.

For expert advice, solutions and installations to save energy and money cooling and heating your Adelaide home, call and speak with the team at ComfyFirst today.

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